Pegasus Portable Nebuliser Disinfection device by dry mist

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PEGASE® responds with simplicity and precision to Surface Disinfection needs by Airway of volumes between 5 and 200m3.


Its intuitive interface facilitates the procedure and reassures staff.

Lightweight, robust, efficient, it is consistent with the
(NFT 72-281 Version 2014).

A concentrate of simplicity

is a portable Surface Disinfection By Airway (DSVA) nebulizer incorporating a 20-metre controlled Vortex venturi system with a range of 20 metres, resulting in dry, cold fog avoiding the risk of corrosion.

Compact, robust and ergonomic,
incorporates a 90-second delayer before broadcast and a progressive audible alarm to make everyday life easier for operators.

A response to your risk management strategy

complies with the NF T 72-281 version 2014 in combination with the ready-to-use disinfectant
. Plus, thanks to its ABS shell, it’s easy to clean and extremely shock-resistant.

A process that adapts to your organization…

starts at the end of the day or when the area is released and operates without the need for an operator.

Versatile, economical…

Both light (5.3Kg) and powerful, PEGASE® follows you
Everywhere. Validated by NFT 72-281 Version
2014 for a very economical dosage of 5ml/m3, it
can process up to 200m3 at once.

… and eco-friendly:

The disinfectant contains no adjuvant or organic residue. The cycle of disinfection by dry nebulization ends with total degradation in free oxygen and water, without any residue. IODVA® is a TP2 biocide, TP4
according to the 2009/107/EC European Regulation under the authorisation number BC-LV 033912-15/1 containing 7 hydrogen peroxide and 0.45 peacetic acid.


Minimum maintenance and maintenance
Maximum volume processed: 200 m3
Device flow: 4 m3/min
Volume of refills: 1 L
H2O2-compatible materials
Weight: 5.3 Kg

Device description

Programming the volume to be processed
Automatic calculation of time
broadcasting and launching the
timer (90 sec.),
Progressive sound alarm,
Dimensions: 300 x 300 mm,
Mobility facilitates its grip.

Application areas

Crèches, Retirement Homes,
Cold rooms,
Patient rooms,
Sanitary vehicles,
Infectious risk areas.

Additional information

Weight5,3 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 cm


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