Suspended Nebulizer oscillating 3000/15,000 mL/h

High volume suspended rotary nebulizer, single or serial.


Programmable suspended oscillating nebulizer. Flow 3000 mL/h (exists in 10,000 and 15,000 mL/h)

Misty description

This nebulizer is orientable and rotating in order to diffuse, burn, any corrosive liquid or not on 360 degrees. Its fan equipped with a very powerful engine will allow the scattering of liquids in ultra fine droplets in atmospheres in a homogeneous way. The propulsion will be done over several meters thanks to the power of the fan, thus being able to handle large volumesindoors (large volumes up to 380m3)as well as outdoors

Equipped with a peristaltic pump, a visualization screen, the spraying of products can be carried out at once or in a cyclical way.

Machine programming: For a debit of 3000 mL/h it takes 10 minutes to spray 500 Ml of products. This can be sprayed with the device’s Cycle function in 1 or 99 times! cycle allowing a split of 1 to 99 times. The duration function, can determine the duration of each cycle based on the amount of product. A cycle can be 0 to 99 minutes. There is also a time function that determines a pause time between each cycle.


  • Liquid presence sensor with automatic shutdown.
  • Control Led at a distance from the proper operation
  • Automatic emptying of products at the end of the cycle (so that no product stays in the pipes)
  • Series of several devices with centralized control.
  • Liquid Compatibility: All types of viscous or non-viscous liquids,non-flammable
  • 304L stainless steel acid appliance
  • Contact us for more information.

Additional information

Weight4 kg


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