Aerial disinfection device OF SURFACES 1400 ml/h Airborne

Equipped with a rotating disk this technological device allows, a perfect diffusion mastery for air disinfection of surfaces (DSVA). Complies with AFNOR NT-72 281 disinfection standards.

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Air disinfection of premises

Equipped with the technology of the disk turning this latest generation device allows, a perfect control of diffusion, for disinfection by air surfaces (DSVA). Control of infectious risks, decontamination of a place up to 330 m3 (hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, agri-food, cosmetics, biotechnology, zootechnical and logistics, ambulances, pet shops, veterinarians, bacteriology, schools .. ) very light table apparatus of 6 kg. Nebulizers Aerial disinfection device are devices that transform liquids into fine particles. They can be used to diffuse disinfectants into the air, such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone or sodium hypochlorite (contact us for all other types of products).

Operation : Fogging Procedure

With a rate of 1400 ml/h, this vertical nebulizer table works on the sector. Its diffusion is carried out by means of a rotating disc and a fan whose breath causes the aerosol droplets to the disinfecting room.The machine make a diffusion of a mist of micro particles in the air . Powered by a peristaltic pump that sucks the liquid to be diffused from a 1 litre or 0.5-litre can connected to the nebulizer by a silicone hose.
Aerial disinfection machine OF SURFACES programming takes place by adjusting the push buttons aligned near the built-in viewing screen. With these settings, the mist can operate continuously or by alternating broadcast and pause cycles. If the broadcast is programmed continuously, all the liquid is sprayed at once. With pauses, the liquid may last longer. To calculate the duration of spraying by air, the volume of liquid must be divided by the flow of the machine. Thus, a volume of 1000 ml of liquid will be sprayed in 43 minutes with a device with a flow rate of 1400 ml/h.

To program the utensil,simply adjust the different functions correctly.
To fix the spray cycles, there is the function C (cycles), which can be programmed from 1 to 99. Streaming is achieved by adjusting C to value1. The spraying time is obtained by adjusting the function D (duration), programmable from 0 to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Each effective spray cycle is programmed by setting D by 1 second step. For the volume of 1000 ml of liquid of the previous example, 10 cycles of 3 minutes each will diffuse the whole with the flow of 1400ml/h.
The pauses between each cycle are made with the R function (delay), which is programmable from 0 to 9 hours and 59 minutes. This is the duration of the diffusion of liquid alternating with the rest time, to be programmed by 1 minute steps. With a break time of 5 minutes between each previously set 3-minute broadcast cycle, the nebulizer will start broadcasting after 5 minutes. It sprays for 3 minutes and then stops for 5 minutes again before resuming broadcasting, for a total of 93 minutes, in order to exhaust the 1000 ml of the example.

Other controls and functions

Equipped with an LED lamp, the atomizer can be viewed from afar to control its proper operation. The nebulizer disk automatically shuts down when the upstream liquid presence sensor (CPL) no longer collects any liquids. The exhaustion of the contents of the can is therefore not likely to cause problems.
At the end of the scattering, the automatic draining of the hydraulic system is triggered, sending the remaining unropped liquid back into the can.
The nebulizer can atomize all types of liquids, viscous or non-flammable and non-flammable,compatible with novoprene, dietary fat, 304L stainless steel, PTFE and silicone (joint).

To prevent the appearance of deposit with certain liquids, the hydraulic system must be cleaned. This cleaning is done simply by placing cleaning liquid in the hydraulic system and then programming a scattering sequence.

Concrete case operating time for 100m3:

For a 1400 ml/m3machine, for example,a 45 m2 piece (about 100m3) the spray time will be 34 minutes for 800 ml of product. The calculation is: 100m3 x 8ml/m3 – 800 ml (amount of liquid to use for 90m3). For a machine 1400 ml/h broadcast time is 34 minutes: 60 minutes x 800 ml – 1400 ml/h – 30.28 minutes it will be 24 minutes for a 2000ml/h machine. After misting the product is allowed to act. Contact time can be decreased depending on the concentration of the product, for example for 5ml/m3 the recommended time is 2 hours for 10ml/m3 it can be reduced.


It is advisable to protect yourself when entering the room that has been decontaminated. The room was burnt, saturated with disinfection forming a uniform fog. Suspended droplets can persist, so it is advisable to wear a chemical mask and goggles to protect your mucous membranes from chemicals. Ventilate well once the operation is over.


Airborne disinfection refers to the disinfection method that aims to eliminate microorganisms present in the air using different types of devices. Airborne disinfection refers to the disinfection method that aims to eliminate microorganisms present in the air using different types of devices.

Airborne disinfection is often used in environments where airborne transmission of pathogens is a concern, such as hospitals, laboratories, treatment rooms, airplanes, shopping malls, gyms, and food service establishments.. It is particularly important for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions355 × 160 × 240 cm



330 m3/h – 24 V CC



Alimentation secteur

100 to 250 V, 50-60 Hz

Vitesse rotation disque

> 40,000 RPM

Puissance électrique maximum

75 Watts

Contrôle présence de liquide


Débit de liquide

1400 mL/h


500 mL



Vidange auto


Niveau sonore





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