V2NO 400 ml/h adjustable air disinfection fogger

Here’s onenébuliseur de table autonome, orientable et programmable, which can charge.400ml par heure The nebulizer is a device that runs on battery or on the ground, equipped with rotating disk technology that allows for better diffusion control. Its light weight of 5kg makes it easy to carry.

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Here’s onebrumisateur de table autonome, orientable et programmable, which can charge.400 ml par heure The nebulizer is a device that runs on battery or on the ground, its disk and fan blows the droplets from the aerosol to the room to be treated. To power this disc, the sprayer contains a 0.5-litre can containing liquid that a peristaltic pump sucks. This liquid integrates the device with a silicone hose.
Depending on the programming chosen, the atomizer sprays in the desired direction in streaming or alternating broadcast and pauses, the programming of the mist is carried out from the buttons placed near the viewing screen. Each button corresponds to a function.

To program the diffusion you have to activate these push buttons. The amount of liquid to be nebulized, divided by the rate of the flow of the device, allows to know the actual diffusion time. For example, for 250 ml of liquid an area of 25 m3 and a flow of 400 ml/h, the total continuous spraying time will be 37 minutes.

Using the programming buttons, you can get different spray rhythms. Cycle: C is programmable from 1 to 99, it regulates the number of broadcast cycles. Value 1 programs continuous spraying
Duration: Function D is programmable from 0 to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, it determines the time of each actual spray cycle. The setting function by 1 second. To nebulize the previous 250 ml in 5 cycles for example, the duration D is 7 minutes (the flow is 400 ml/h).
Delay: The R function is adjustable from 0 to 9 hours and 59 minutes, it defines both the duration of nebulization (start and end) as well as the pause time between two cycles. The adjustment is done by no 1 minute. To broadcast the 250 ml of the example, with a pause time of 2 minutes between the actual broadcast of 7 minutes per cycle, the device will start nebulization after 2 minutes for a 7-minute broadcast. The cycle will stop for 3 minutes, then resume and so on until the liquid runs out after 45 minutes in total.

Other functions of the nebulizer

Thanks to the presence of an LED on the nebulizer, its correct operation can be visualized from afar. As a precaution, a liquid presence sensor (CPL) is placed before the nebulizer’s disc. In the absence of liquid, this CPL automatically stops the disk from rotating.
When the spray is complete, the hydraulic system is drained automatically, the burner returns the unprac spray into the can.
Compatible liquids : Le nébuliseur peut atomiser tous types de liquides, visqueux ou non et non inflammables, compatible avec le novoprene, la graisse alimentaire, l’acier inox 304L, le PTFE et le silicone (joint).. Some liquids can cause deposits that can damage the hydraulic system. To avoid this a session of spraying of cleaning liquid is to be programmed, the cleaning will be done during the diffusion.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions165 × 240 × 170 cm



180 m3/h – 24 V CC



Alimentation secteur

100 to 250 V, 50-60 Hz

Vitesse rotation disque

> 40,000 RPM

Puissance électrique maximum

25 Watts

Contrôle présence de liquide


Débit de liquide

400 mL/h


250 mL



Vidange auto


Niveau sonore




Commande Manuelle



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