Professional Misting Fan, New Technology Mist

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High-performance mist fan, allowing a large area mist, indoors and outdoors. The mist allows a cooling of the air up to 12 degrees of drops, comparable to the sensation that one can have near a waterfall. The speed of these devices is high, up to 15L per hour. On reservoir or directly connected to the hydrolic network, these fans, nebulizers can cool off by moistening the air all day long.


High-end, high-performance Brumisation devices.

Our devices are capable of lowering the temperature by 12 degrees. They work outdoors and indoors for large areas. These high-performance devices can handle an area of 1800M3/hour or surfaces greater than 200 m2.

Equipped with innovative technology, developed by engineers and fluid mechanics specialists from the University Centre of Paris.

The diffusion by rotating disc and not by nozzles allows a better diffusion and evaporation of water in the air, the ultra fine water particles are sometimes barely noticeable . The second feature of the device is a very high throughput of up to 15 Straight per hour.

Three types of devices are offered with variable throughput capacity depending on your needs. Each unit consists of a large-diameter oscillating axial fan with 3 speeds.

Too much flow will lead to too much humidification for small areas, it will be more suitable for large areas.

Technical carateristics of the different models:

Fan diameter45 cm45 cm45 cm
Fan flow1800 m3/h1800 m3/h1800 m3/h
N Fan Speeds333
Brumisation debit5 L/h10 l/h15 l/h
Refrigeration power3.5 KW7 KW10.5 KW
Electrical consumption60w70w80w
Operating cost$0.014/h$0.015/h$0.016/h
Control of brumisationSwitchSwitchSwitch
Sound level56 dB56 dB56 dB
Separate control of brumisation and ventilationYesYesYes


VBE misters come in three models:

  • VBE-P5000: This model has a peristalsics pump and a 15l tank. The water flow is 5 L/h.
  • VBE-E10000: This model has an electrovan and a connection to connect to the water network. The water flow is 10 L/h.
  • VBE-E15000: This model has an electrovan and a connection to connect to the water network. The water flow is 15 L/h.

Installing brumisateur:

  • Connection to the electrical grid by plug 2P-T 6A
  • Connection to the urban water system by garden hose for VBE-E models

Use temperature: For perfect evaporation of the drops, it is recommended to use the mist nebulizer when the temperature rises to 25oC.

This type of appliance is particularly suitable for terraces, sheds, has outdoor or interior spaces of large volumes above 25 m2 , for the smallest volumes want to consult our outdoor interior appliances of small volumes.



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