Indoor Brumiser Fan

Brumiser equipped with a high-performance fan. Turning disc allowing the diffusion of extra fine droplets barely perceptible. For parts of 10 to 35 m2, the mist can reduce the temperature by 12 degrees. Strong debit up to 5 Litres hours.


These high-speed misters come in the form of a nebulizer mounted in the center and on the front of a large oscillating axial fan.

Operating principle: The rotary disc nebulizer sends fine droplets that are blown away by the fan wind and evaporate by absorbing heat.

The VBI mist ismounted on a column fan and are equipped with a peristalstaltic pump and a 15l tank. The water flow is 1 L/h.


The VBT mistis mounted on a table fan and is equipped with a peristalstical pump and provided without a tank. The water flow is 0.5 L/h.

Key technical features:

Fan diameter40 cm45 cm
Fan flow1200 m3/h1500 m3/h
N Fan Speeds33
Brumisation debit1 L/h1 L/h
Refrigeration power0.7 KW0.7 KW
Electrical consumption45w50w
Operating cost$0.012/h$0.012/h
Control of brumisationSwitchSwitch
Sound level52 dB56 dB
Separate control of brumisation and ventilationYesYes


Installing brumisateur:

  • Connection to the electrical grid by plug 2P-T 6A

Use temperature: For perfect evaporation of the drops, it is recommended to use the nebulizer when the temperature exceeds 26oC.


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