Professional steam disinfection machine

O. STEAM Disinfection device, steam bio-cleaning

Manufacturing 100 French this professional steam plant of 3600 w powerful large capacity (5L boiler) is designed for intensive use and maintaining temperature over time.

The steam production is managed by a patented PT100 probe to obtain a temperature of 158oC to 6 bars (200gr/min).

Frequently used for daily disinfection of dental offices, medical practices, premises between the passage of different patients. effective against covid-19.

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FT O-STEAM Original 102018 V1 FR


Above all, the best quality of mobile steam.

Quality Steam

Very large 5L boiler combined with a power of 3600W for temperature maintenance over time.

Temperature control

Management of steam production by patented PT100 probe to obtain a temperature of 158oC to 6 bars (200gr/min).

Simplicity of flow setting
The steam flow produced by O. Steam is controllable to adjust it to different needs without loss of quality.

Work ergonomics
O. Steam’s highly compact stainless steel cart moves effortlessly with its anti-noise brake wheels (food-approved). Comes standard with all its accessories, it boasts a very flexible neoprene electric cable that is easy to store and a space-saving steam hose.

Materials robustness

O. Steam is designed to operate in demanding environments. It has an ABS casing, a reinforced connector with brass inserts resistant to very high temperatures, a precise steam control handle and ultra-shock-resistant accessories.

NFT 72-110

Disinfectant according to NFT 72-110
Disinfectant device according to the NFT 72-110 reference on bactericidal (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli); Fungicide (Aspergillus niger (brasiliensis), Candida albicans); Mycobacterium terrae; Virucid (Norovirus murin (MNV-1), human Adenovirus)



Trade name



One Steam

Steam station mounted on its stainless steel cart and delivered ready to use with

her accessories.

Items included in the ONESTEAM reference:


Trade name



O.STEAM Trolley

Stainless trolley with its 3 storage bins.


Steam flexible

Flexible steam sheathed with 5m thermal insulation including its steam control trigger.


Steam broom

Ergonomic and ultra-light velcro broom with steam output in the central position. The broom receives microfiber mops.


High surface accessories

24cm flat velcro support to treat high flat surfaces. The support receives microfiber mops.


Bent nozzle

Nozzle with elbow to treat non-flat or complex parts that can receive pekalon brushes.


Brush 20cm

High-surface brush on which a microfiber bonnet attaches.


High-pressure nozzle

Extended nozzle that allows access to hard-to-reach areas.


2 extension cords

Extensions to clip on your accessories.


3 Pekalon brushes

A 2cm round brush that scrapes complex surfaces and attaches to the bent nozzle.


Anti-return tip for siphon

Rubber tip to be attached to the high-pressure nozzle to protect the operator during treatment



Cap, gloves, mop

Microfiber supports specially designed for One Steam equipment.

Download the product listing:

FT O-STEAM Original 102018 V1 FR

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions50 × 38 × 96 cm


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